Albany Wood Fireplace

by Kozy Heat


The Albany is the latest model to be released in the Kozy Heat wood fireplace line-up. Since 1976 we have been manufacturing quality, efficient wood burning fireplaces. Even in the harshest of Minnesota winters, our fireplaces have been keeping families warm and Kozy for over 40 years. The Albany’s impressive 1.22 grams per hour emissions, competitive pricing and eye-catching arched design are sure to get your customers attention. Dealer response on the Albany has been very positive and now is the perfect time to expand your wood fireplace offerings with Kozy Heat!

The Albany offers the same firebox, efficiency and reliability that our Z42/Z42 CD units offer, with the added features of:

  • Arched Face and Single Arched Door
  • NEW Decorative Grill Designs
  • Interior Heat Transfer Kit(s)

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