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Old wood burning fireplaces are inefficient and can potentially pose a safety threat to your home, but it is tough to beat the tradition of sitting around a large open fireplace. The Roosevelt gas insert series offers a clean face, louverless look that maximizes the viewing area. When combined with our hand-crafted high definition logs and realistic flame, you’ll soon forget that old drafty fireplace that you once had. With multiple design options available the Roosevelt can be customized to match any décor, and you’ll feel good knowing that safety, efficiency, and quality were our top priorities in creating a fire just for your family!


Available in both 29″ and 34″


Roosevelt 29 w/ Traditional Logs, Chicago Brick Refractory, Arched Mission Screen Front

Roosevelt 29 w/ Birchwood Logs, Rustic Brick Refractory, Forged Screen Front

Roosevelt 29 w/ Beach Accent Kit, Black Enamel Refractory, and Rectangular Screen Front

Roosevelt 34 with Beach Accent Kit Burn Video


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