Zelia 908 – Central Fireplace

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Zelia 908 – Central Fireplace

Zelia 908 – Central Fireplace Description

The Zelia 908 fireplace is shown here in its glass-enclosed central version. The Zelia has been designed to deliver great warmth and comfort to your home. Its design evokes the delicious curves of its big sister, the Eva 992, but with a more delicately profiled hood and suspended firebox floor with no base needed. The fireplace floats in the air, suspended. It ideally sits in the centre of your room, radiating heat evenly from every angle. With a more delicate look, helped by its diameter of under one metre, the Zelia 908 fireplace takes up surprisingly little space. The Zelia fireplace provides a 360° view of the dancing flames, so you can spend many hours simply gazing at a roaring winter fire.  The Zelia 908 fireplace makes your home warm and inviting. It looks great with both minimalist and sophisticated interior designs.

Zelia 908 – Central Fireplace Brochures

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