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Modern Flames FusionFire

FusionFire Description

Modern Flames introduces the FusionFire™ Steam Fireplace, the next step in the company’s revolutionary line of innovative fireplace products. Modern Flames harness the power of commercial steam flame technology seen in the likes of Disney and Universal Studio with its revolutionary FusionFire™ Steam Fireplace.

The FusionFire™ Steam Fireplace was designed to handle the rigors of everyday use consumes extremely small amounts of water when running. Because it is safe to the touch and uses clean steam energy, no clearance is required for builders or homeowners. Requiring only 120v electricity, home builders struggling to install gas fireplaces that meet the rigid parameters of modern green building codes and the new “Net Zero” requirements should look no further than the FusionFire™ Steam Fireplace

FusionFire By Modern Flames Available From Urban Fireplaces